Nano Bible

The Christian Scripture, which contains 27 different books is now available on a tiny chip that has been inserted into jewellery, thanks to Israeli nano-technology. 

The company called 'Jerusalem Nano Bible' (JNB) have developed and launched their project that combines nano-technology advancement with the possibility of anyone worldwide who may like the idea of keeping a talisman with the scriptures close them at all times. 

Each chip is made from a silicon wafer, with their sides measuring a minuscule 0.19 inches (4.76mm).

On the chips, each letter has a width of about 0.18 microns (18 millionths of a metre), so an eight-inch (20.3cm) wafer can apparently contain more than 1,000 Bibles.

An academic scholar validated, with the use of a microscope, that the text was indeed that of the New Testament.

'Our aim is to be able to mass produce it and cater to really every pocket,' said David Almog, head of the company's marketing and sales department.

Tourists visiting Jerusalem's holy sites welcomed the Nano Bible concept.

"The nano Bible concept is fantastic! And I think each and every, not only Christian, but those who are in art, maybe Hindu, maybe Christian, maybe Muslim, maybe Jewish, all can have either Bible, or Koran, or the Gita with them that will give one inspiration throughout your life," said Satish Desai from India.

In the future the company is also planning to produce a nano-sized Old Testament.

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