Jacob Benaroch Simply Amazing

Check out this Israeli Artist Jacob Benaroch.  He is simply amazing.




Jacob’s passion for painting started early. His father was a masterful painter, and as a boy, Jacob played with brushes and tubes of paint. His canvas was any surface available–and mom became his first critic!

Finding it difficult to please his father’s critical eye, Jacob moved away from painting. Over the years he became world renowned for his work in the graphic arts. Success in Israel, Paris and Canada led to three Benjamin Franklin awards and many more awarded designs.

Now, after 40 years, Jacob’s artistic passion is stronger than ever. Through his art, he has again become the boy with the brushes and paint.

What you will realize through Jacob’s art is his raw, rare talent. He paints with a feeling and passion that leaps off the canvas and into the hearts of those who are privileged to enjoy his creative works of art.

Jacob invites you to witness his art, as he returns to painting–his first love–and rediscovers himself.



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