Media Bias Against Israel

We do not get overly political but from time to time we need to speak out.  The way the main stream media covers Israel is disturbing .  For example, the way the have covered the terrorist attacks on innocent people in Israel.  Somehow they make it seem like it is Israel who has acted in a disturbing way.  In the case of the video above they outright lie.  They claim a young terrorist was killed when in reality he is alive and receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital.  The problem with half truths is people often believe the wrong half.

Be aware of the bias when you hear stories about Israel.  The propaganda machine is well oiled and millions of dollars are spent to manipulate the thought process when it comes to Israel.


  • doug kooy

    IT is very true that the Media is biased towards Israel.
    We are working hard to stem the tide of shoddy reporting when it comes to portraying Israel in the mainland press.

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