About Us

Why do you support Israel? A question I get asked a lot.

This is a simple answer. Gods Got It! Israel is a saying God dropped into my heart about three in the morning. We are developing a site that will inform, inspire and encourage those who live in Israel and the millions who support Israel around the world.

We had produced a documentary in Israel called The Original Promise… the original promiseI thought that after spending two years putting this documentary together that I could now rest from doing anything more for Israel.  God had other Ideas.

A few years ago I visited Israel with ten other journalist from Canada. We spent ten long days seeing and experiencing the many facets of Israel. I was hosting a live prime time T.V. show at the time and what happened in Israel changed my life. On the way to the Airport after our journey I said to Paul Michaels, a good friend who works with the Canada Israel Committee, I said Israel needs to do a better job fighting the media war that has been launched against them.  Most people do not have a real understanding of what a miracle and what a blessing Israel is.  He looked at me and said, You do it. I believe you are the person to take this on. What he said changed my life.

So we made the film and now our biggest challenge is  a website , a site for people who love Israel and they desire  to keep on the cutting edge regarding all things pertaining to Israel.

God has blessed us  with some amazing relationships, people who are the movers and shakers. We will be offering the best commentary from people who know firsthand what Israel is facing on a daily basis.

We also will be supporting some great projects that are being developed in Israel. The support will come from the products that we sell on this site. Over the years I have developed a friendship with Jacob Benaroch who is one of the world’s great graphic designers and artist.  He is developing some jewellery that will be one of a kind along with the design for our t shirts and bracelets.

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So Join us as we develop a world class website that will promote the State of Israel and we believe will be a great blessing to Israel. We are now at the ground floor but the vision is strong and if you are someone who enjoys being around at the beginning of an adventure please feel free to join us. It will be a ride!

You can be involved by making God’s Got It/ Israel bookmarked on your computer and by adding input to our site. You can also become a member of the God’s Got It! Israel team. I will share more about that later.

Shalom and God Bless you

Doug Kooy

President : God’s Got It! Israel